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Sustainable packaging solution

GreenGood is a renowned supplier of Sustainable Packaging Solutions. Innovative packaging concepts combined with outstanding print designs ensure our customers enjoy greater impact in their target markets. Over last 10 years we have supplied world class sustainable packaging to the Middle East region, we continue to be a preferred supplier for customized disposable products.

Whether it’s a coffee cup, take away bag or wrap to serve a sandwich, paper napkins or takeaway containers, we have hundreds of products to meet your needs. We can provide the products you want, the way you want it and when you want it.

Waste management solution

Food scraps at landfill create methane gas - one of the gasses that contribute to global warming. By composting food scraps with GreenGood Oklin Food Waste Composter, methane gas can be reduced, and by decreasing number of bin (skip) pick-ups per week, carbon footprint is also reduced.


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