Food waste composter - GG 300s

GG 300s

Oklin’s GG 300s is ideal for businesses where a large volume of food waste is generated per day.

The GG 300s model series are perfect for commercial applications. It’s equipped with innovative features that simplifies the operating procedure for an efficient waste reduction result. The infrared camera system keeps operators up to date on the composting process, and the built in bin lifter system allows for easy food waste input.

24 HOURS Food waste to compost

90% MAX Reduction rate

300 TONS Food waste processed per year

GG 300s
Input Capacity 800kg/day; 300 tons/year
Machine Dimensions 4,715 W x 1,820 D x 3,005 H (mm); 3,500kg With Safety Rails
Deodorizer x 2 units: 510 W x 800 D x 1,300 H (mm); 130kg
Voltage Three Phase 200-480v 50/60hz
Power Consumption 3,953 to 10,885 kWh/month*
Max Power Draw 25 kW
Bin Lifter 1,150 W x 1,080 D x 2,195 H (mm)
Common Applications Large Residential/Commercial Buildings, Shopping Centres, Schools, Hotels, Convention Centres
Treatment Time 24 Hours
Reduction Rate 80-90%
Features Energy Save Mode, Odour Control, Hygienization, Infrared Camera
Safety Features Emergency Stop Switch Mixing Blades Stop When Door Is Open

* Power consumption depends on usage.

*Some specifications might be subject to change. Please contact us for the latest specifications.

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