Sustainable packaging

Sustainable Packaging

What is sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging uses natural plant based materials which are 100% compostable. Usage of recycled, bio-based or renewable material from well managed sources instead of non-renewable resources is key to leaving resources for future generations.

There is an increasing interest in green good purchasing. People realize that if they do not take action to protect our earth now, it will be too late. Packaging comes with every product we buy. Have you ever thought about buying green products and at the same time using packaging that is environmentally friendly?

We believe that it is our responsibility to facilitate sustainability efforts of our clients by providing them the tools and materials that would make it easier for their green initiatives.

“Our speciality range of packaging products are bio-degradable, recyclable or compostable in an industrial composting facility. Most have also been manufactured from recycled material.”


Why GreenGood ?

GreenGood is a renowned supplier of Sustainable Packaging Solutions.

GreenGood takes pride in being one stop solution provider for complete customized paperboard take away packaging.

We have an extensive range of eco- friendly sustainable packaging, produced from recycled or fully renewable sources. We have a large range of compostable packaging made from Bagasse (sugar cane waste) that can be home composted after use.

All packaging in our GreenGood range is capable of complete composting ensuring they can return to nature quickly.


We can supply sustainable plastic packaging with up to 80% rPET content. PET is highly sought after for recycling in the world and can be used over and over again.

Why GreenGood

Bagasse & Areca

Sugarcane (Bagasse) products are made from the Fiber mass of sugarcane, reed and bamboo. Bagasse is the remaining product mass pulp after renewable and sustainable raw materials (Bamboo, Reed Rice, Hemp and Sugarcane) are processed from the fields. All Sugarcane products are dual-ovenable up to 212 degrees, freezer safe and oil resistant.

Areca products are elegant, disposable and an eco-friendly alternative to conventional disposable plates. These 100% biodergadable and compostable products are made from leaves/sheaths fallen from trees. They are not cut from trees but a natural discard. They are manufactured with no chemicals. They are suitable for hot or cold food and are microwaveable and light. Disposable palm leaf plates are made from the fallen palm leaves and they are biodegradable and also 100% natural. Hence, it is considered as the best and apt alternative for the plastic and other tableware.

Products Range

Pla, Kraft, Biopbs

Our sustainable line of cups includes cups and lids manufactured from PLA – an eco-friendly corn based resin. They are petroleum free and and can be refrigerated and frozen. PLA uses much less energy and generates fewer greenhouse gases than the production of conventional plastics. Biopbs is environmentally friendly, biodegradable, compostable and recyclable paper cup alternative to using plastic. BioPBS is produced from renewable materials (corn, cassava, or sugar cane). Paper cups coated in BioPBS are compostable at ambient temperature and biodegrade naturally in the soil leaving zero negative impact on the enviroment.

KRAFT : For the fast paced food market, we have extensive solutions which are recyclable and compostable. The raw materials come from responsible farming practices (FSC approved). Our range includes coffee cups of all sizes, customiseable with your brand. Kraft paper is also used for our range of sustainable/customisable shopping bags and take out bags.

PAPER PULP : Molded drink cup trays and pizza boxes are made from recycled resources and are also compostable. We can customise your brand on these trays and boxes.

Products Range

Napkins & Table Mats

The center of our vision has always been the protection of the environment. That is why we launched Eco-Friendly made with maximun quality, soft, strong, absorbent and useful for any application. Eco-Friendly products are made with recycled materials, using clean energy produced by renewable resources such as water, sun and wind. Eco-Friendly is our eco tissue brand that comes from the “urban forest” and is 100% recycled.



Products Range

Cutlery & Table Ware

Using a renewable resource, this cutlery is fully compostable and biodegradable in approximately 100 days in properly maintained compost facilities. These Eco-friendly small, wooden tasting spoons are perfect for restaurants, cafeterias, business functions, trade shows, festivals or fairs, catering for events of any size. Certified compostable flatware, forks, spoons & knives are high temperature resistance (180 – 190 degrees F), non-toxic and non-porous (impermeable)

These are made from wood, CPLA and plant fibres (coffee grounds, sugarcane, bamboo and avocado seeds)

Products Range

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